Sprinkler System


Sprinkler Bulb

The sprinkler bulb is used as a fire detection and fire protection device in Sprinkler system. The sprinkler bulb is applicable for local flooding in sprinkler system. The glass bulb contains a fluid which expands when exposed to heat.

When the rated temperature is reached, the fluid expands sufficiently to shatter the glass bulb, allowing the sprinkler to activate and water to flow.

Alarm Valve

Alarm valve is a double seated clapper check valve with grooved seat design, which ensures positive water flow for alarm operation and is designed for installation in wet pipe sprinkler system. External bypass prevents false alarm under all supply pressure condition.

The fire protection system initially when being pressurized, will allow water to flow into the system until the water supply and system pressure is equalized and the clapper closes the waterway. Once the pressure is stabilized, the fire protection system is ready to be placed in service and then the alarm control valve must be opened.

Flow Switch

The flow switch can also be represented as a water flow detector. The water flow detectors shall be installed on system piping as designated on the drawing. Detectors shall mount on any clear pipe span of the appropriate nominal size, either a vertical up flow or horizontal run. The detector shall respond to water flow in the specified direction after a preset time delay which is field adjustable. Outputs shall consist of dual SPDT switches which send signal to the Fire Alarm panel when the water flows through it. The water flow detector is used in sprinkler system.

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