Security Products

High speed water spray

Fire Alarm System

An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. Classified according to the actuation-auto manual or both. Automatic fire alarm system are intended to notify the building occupants to evacuate in the event of fire or any other emergency needs report the event to any remote location .Also prepare the associated systems to control the spread of smoke and fire.

Public Address System

Sound solutions for schools, smart classrooms, colleges, coaching centres, conference halls, corporate offices, shopping males, petrol pumps etc. with one way and two way audio communication facilities.

Access and Attendance System

This is a compact and efficient standalone device for biometric fingerprint, proximity card time management in offices, industries and corporate setups. Easy installation and user friendly report generation make this system an ideal office automation tool for time management purposes. It also helps the management to reduce administrative costs and improvise resource allocation strategies .Custom built user friendly software helps to monitor and manage the work time of each employee and ease the payroll processings.The system can also be used to track labour distribution, building security and personnel scheduling

Beam Detector

The Beam detectors are intelligent addressable projected beam smoke detectors for protecting open areas with high and slope ceilings and wide open areas where spot type smoke detectors are difficult to install and maintain. When smoke enters the area between the unit and a reflector it causes a reduction in the signal strength. When the smoke level reaches the predetermined threshold, an alarm is activated. The application of beam detectors are atriums, cathedral ceilings, aircraft hangars, warehouses, sporting arenas, concert halls, etc.

CCT V Camera Remote Surveillance Sytem

CCTV system have become extremely popular and much required nowadays .You can find CCTV system almost in Every bank ,small and large factories ,industries godowns,shops,houses etc.for the safety and surveillance purpose .It will help to record factory/office movements and main gate entries through digital video recorders.

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