Fire Hydrants

Hydrant Valve

Hydrant valve is used to provide a powerful flow of water to extinguish the fire & it is 63mm dia oblique type, Single headed hydrant, with coupling, chain twist releases type lug conforming to IS:5290 Type-A.

Hose Pipe

A fire hose is a high-pressure hose used to carry water to a fire to extinguish it. For Yard and internal hydrants will be provided with 2 Nos. of 15M hoses. Hose pipe is RRL hose Type A confirming to IS 636.

Hose Box

Hose box is nothing but housing for hose pipe, branch pipe, accessories etc. It will be fixed in yard or wall mounting. Hose box is construct of MS fabricated with break glass door.

Water Monitor

The monitor is durable manual controlled monitor for fixed installation as well as trailer mounted unit. The monitor is generally used for protection off flammable liquid storage tanks, loading racks, dykes marine and many other Industrial applications. The monitor has large flow capability and can be manually operated by a single fire fighter. The design ensures to prevent jet reaction forces from effecting the horizontal and the vertical position of the monitor. The monitor has the ability for 360 deg. Continuous horizontal rotation.

Hose Reel Drum

Fire hose reel is an efficient and reliable fire-fighting unit suitable for use in all types of buildings. It is an equipment consisting of the reel, water inlet pipe, shut off nozzle, stop valve with hose reel tubing and provides a most effective fire fighting facility. A Hose Reel is a cylindrical spindle made of either metal, fiberglass, or plastic and is used for storing a hose. Hose reels are categorized by the diameter and length of the hose they hold, the pressure rating and the rewind method. Hose reels can either be fixed in a permanent location or portable and attached to a truck, trailer, or cart.

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